Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul – Author Deborah Rodriguez

This novel starts with the shocking treatment of Yasmina, a young Afghan widow, who is stolen to repay her Uncle’s debt. Her rescue begins the story of five women who are linked by the coffee shop in Kabul, but are bound forever by their experiences of love in a country where women struggle daily.  The author’s story is also intriguing and inspires this work of fiction. Post 9/11 Deborah begs to be allowed to go to Afghanistan with a group of Doctors to help the people. The trouble was Deborah was a hairdresser. She later opened a Beauty School in Kabul, where women were given skills and a place of friendship. The women that Deborah met and their stories inspired this novel where friendship disregards danger.

Busy Chick’s highlight – Yasmina finally sees herself as a person of worth, both with her sewing and in finding a man who can love her.