Thursday, 12 January 2012

Five Quarters of the Orange – Author Joanne Harris

A very intricate novel  by the author of Chocolat, with the main character’s life as a child and an old woman interwoven smoothly throughout. Set in France in a small village at the time of German Occupation, Boise’s mother is portrayed in an unforgiving manner, a hard, unloving and unlovable woman. Boise, now an old woman returns to the village under her married name, as she believes if her true identity was discovered, as her mother’s daughter, she would be run out of the village. Boise herself is independent and adventurous, both as a child and an old woman, traits which set up the storyline for its tragic and surprising conclusion. This novel has inspired me to read more Joanne Harris novels it is so clever and engaging.

Busy chick’s highlight – The confession of Boise’s childhood friend Paul.

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  1. Halfway through... time to go pick it up again