Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tripwire – Author Lee Child

If you haven’t read a Jack Reacher novel give one a go. I have not read them in order but it doesn’t tend to matter, however, in many novels there are references to one woman who managed to have a profound influence on Reacher, and in Tripwire you discover who this person is. For those considering a Reacher novel you will find gratuitous violence and the strongest, toughest, most ruthless Robin Hood with a heart that I have ever read about. Sex appeal is delivered in spades and while after you read a few Reacher novels you know the formula to expect, the plots and their development are interesting. In Tripewire the bad guy deserves everything he gets, actually he deserves a bit more. Reacher is the type of man that can kill someone with his thumb, however he can also analyse the clues and ask the questions that dumbfound those he is up against.

Busy chick’s highlight – Any time Reacher breaks a man’s bones with his hands. Love the final stand- off.

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