Thursday, 12 January 2012

Unpolished Gem - Author Alice Pung

An Australian Author and a memoir that has wonderful characterisation. The relationship between Alice’s mother and grandmother (father’s mother) would have been hilarious if there had not been a young girl caught in the middle who’s self- esteem was being affected by the selfishness and insecurity of the women. I also loved the description of their house in suburbia, so clearly pictured that the knick-knacks were easily imagined by the reader. This was a  story that left me wanting to know if Alice married a skip, and how her upbringing continued to influence her relationships at university and beyond.  The memoir included some really poignant moments including her first romantic relationship and the realisation of her mother’s mental health problems.

Busy chick’s highlight – Due to the empathy you feel for this poor little girl, I found her incidents at school when she was very young emotional reading.

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