Friday, 13 January 2012

Matilda is Missing – Author Caroline Overington

After reading this book I rushed straight to the library to borrow Caroline’s book I Came to say Goodbye. Matilda is Missing is written in the voice of a Grandfather, not Matilda’s Grandfather, but the husband of Pat Harrison. Pat hates her “baby” son’s wife, but loves her Grandsons. When her son and daughter-in-law split, Pat is delighted but not so happy about the lack of contact with her grandsons. Barry, Pat’s husband has to be the voice of reason in what becomes a very bitter situation. Coincidentally, Barry is called on by an old friend, who happens to be a Family Court Judge, to review papers and tapes regarding Matilda, another child who is the victim of a bitter divorce. This book would be a great one for book clubs if your book club is up for some controversial and passionate discussion. It comes with discussion questions in the back.

Busy Chick’s highlight – love the line from Pat when she is telling her husband what a catch their son is. “He’s got a job. He’s got his Westpac Supersaver.” Another emotional highlight is the tapes Brian listens to regarding the custody of Matilda.

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